Our Story

We first met one Thursday afternoon outside the cafeteria of Sidney Smith Hall at the University of Toronto when we were in our second year of university. At the time, Michael was studying Civil Engineering and Anna was studying Life Science. The Engineering faculty and the Arts & Science faculty at the University of Toronto are known to not get along, but we liked each other from the first time that we met! Over the next few years, we would spend time together outside of classes going to parties, movies, and festivals around Toronto with mutual friends, but we never started dating.

After graduation, Anna decided to continue studying and moved to New York City to pursue her Physiotherapy degree. At the same time, Michael accepted a job offer from Deep Foundations as a Supervisor, which required him to travel for work all over Toronto, Ontario, and even Alberta and Saskatchewan. For a few years, we lost touch.

Then, in 2016 Anna decided to move back home after finishing her Physiotherapy degree and working and living in New York. Michael was promoted in his job to Estimator, which required less travel. We reconnected one night over Facebook and on March 10, 2016 we finally went on our first date!